Dyes for dets

dets_image-150x1501 The range of colors found in the section dyesfordets.com is specifically designed for companies operating in the sector of detergents for industrial use.

Undisputed reference point since 1984 , the Softer Color is committed to produce and market the best colors and pigments for every specific need.

In the case of dyes for detergents, they can be used for coloring a wide range of cleaning products, such as softeners, detergents, detergents for dishes, brighteners , all-purpose cleaners, degreasers, and much more.

We operate in Italy , but we are able to provide our products abroad thanks to an efficient distribution network and sales, represented by the dealers and retailers qualified.

In addition, thanks to the presence of our internal laboratory dedicated to the research and development of products we are able to provide cutting-edge colors to Italian and foreign companies that deal with the detergent industry and especially who wish to invest in this sector.

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