The Company

Softer Color born from years of experience of the founders Salzillo and Fabbri , who made it a point of reference for those looking for trust , professionalism and technical knowledge in the field of industrial dyes.

We are currently one of the few companies in Europe that can provide a full range of customizable colors and mixtures ; we can offer numerous plus as the quality control, ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP, investment in research and development, prompt delivery and packaging customized.

Located in Forli , Softer Color has the departments:

  • commercial
  • administrative
  • Safety and quality control
  • a laboratory for production and test
  • a purchasing department and forwarding
  • a large warehouse.

Our employees are highly qualified and also provide technical assistance .

Why choose Us

There are many good reasons to choose the quality and professionalism of Softer Color , the company that since 1984 has specialized in the production and marketing of dyes for industrial use.
We encourage direct contact with all our customers in order to satisfy their request: they are the center of all our production processes.
We pay great attention to the protection of the environment and the health of our employees , who continually do courses on safety at work.
All products are checked and packed carefully, in order to facilitate proper handling storage.
Our technical support is known to be particularly fast , thanks to the expertise of our team , who are familiar with the requirements of the market and the specific needs of the various sectors .
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