Dyes for Finishing

High concentration dyes for leather finishing

Finishing range is made up of high concentration dyes with specific properties such as not flammable, without NMP (n-methylpyrrolidone), with low viscosity and conceived for deep shades. Besides once applied on leather they guarantee high stability to light and high water drop fastness. The brand new formula of finishing dyes improve the solubility in a wide range of solvents like alcohol, acetate, glycol, ketone, different mixes of water/alcohol, water/acetone, water/glycol and makes them completely miscible in each other in order to match every tone.


Finishing liquid dyes are primarily applied by spray, by dusting or with rotary press machines together with polar solvents and penetrants. They dye aniline and nubuck finishing the leathers along with acrylic, cellulose nitrate, polyurethane and casein binder resins.


Every  dye have an high compatibility with solvents, in particular:

  • High compatibility with alcohol, acetate, glycol and ketones
  • Good compatibility with water/alcohol, water acetone, water glicol mixes (water up to 70%)

Please refer to the characteristic table for each specific compatibility with thinners.


Finishing dyes are compatible with a wide range of binders based on nitrocellulose, acrylic, vinyl, alkyd and polyester resins.

WARNING: verifing in advance the effective compatibility of vehicles with finishing liquid dyes compounds is highly recommended before industrial use. For further request please contact our technical service.

FASTNESS TO LIGHT AND WATER DROP Light fastness Water drop fastness
  1/2 h 16 h
Yellow Rifinizione G 5 4/5 4
Yellow Rifinizione RL 4 4 4
Orange Rifinizione ER 4/5 5 4/5
Red Rifinizione G 3 4 3/4
Ruby Rifinizione GRL 3 3/4 4
Blue Rifinizione R 2/3 3 3
Light Brown Rifinizione EG 4/5 4/5 4
Dark Brown Rifinizione ER 4 4 4
Black Rifinizione ER 4 4/5 4
Black Rifinizione RL 4 4 4

Light fastness:

the change in colour has been evaluated referring to the Blue Scale for wool (1 = worst, 8 = best) by exposing the samples to the light of a solar lamp until the fading in the 7th blue sample was equal to 4 of the Grey Scale for assessing change in colour.

Fastness to water drop:

two drops of deionised water are dropped on the surface of the leather to be tested. One drop is removed with filter paper after 30 minutes and any change in shade of the leather is evaluated in according to the Grey Scale for assessing change in colour (1 = worst, 5 = best). The remainder drop has been kept evaporating overnight (16 h), then any change has been recorded as previously.


for leather testing, not only the fastness to light and water drop depend on the dye (type, concentration and method of application) but to a great extent also on the amounts and types of tanning agents, fat liquors and auxiliaries used in tannery. Moreover, the fastness to light is strongly affected by the titanium dioxide type and stabilization, the spectral composition of artificial light and humidity. Therefore the fastness results here reported only refer to our specific applications and only claim indicative value.

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